$3 Million Grant Brings Mentoring to Children of Military Families

By February 28, 2017News

November 2011

The team of Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) and Dare Mighty Things, Inc. (DMT) was awarded a $3 million Multi-State Mentoring Initiative Grant by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Over the next three years, the P/PV – DMT team will be working with the Amachi Mentoring Coalition, a national partnership of secular and faith-based organizations working together to provide mentoring, to expand their reach to include youth with a parent in the military.

The team will use this grant to help the Amachi Multi-State Project implement enhancement strategies, provide wrap-around and referral services for parents and caregivers, develop a learning portal for mentors with four e-learning modules, conduct in-person and virtual mentor trainings, and produce an activity manual. In addition, Amachi Multi-State Project sites will receive intensive training and technical assistance on evidence-based practices in mentoring and innovative strategies to engage hard-to-reach populations.

Through this project, Amachi will enhance and expand mentoring services to underserved populations, specifically targeting children from military families and those impacted by incarceration. The long-term goals of this project are to improve behavioral and academic outcomes for underserved and at-risk youth by enhancing mentoring services for 8,500 youth currently served by the five targeted Amachi sites and making an additional 1,500 new matches. In addition, the project’s goal is to help fill a current knowledge gap in the mentoring community by documenting effective practices for serving children from military families.

Although several Federal initiatives provide mentoring services to youth impacted by incarceration, this funding opportunity is one of the first to target the unique needs of youth with a parent in the military. OJJDP awarded a total of $20 million to nine organizations to support mentoring for youth with a parent in the military. The Department of Defense (DOD) provided this funding to OJJDP as part of a joint effort to support military families through mentoring. To learn more about DMT’s work with OJJDP, explore the portfolio page of our website at http://portfolio.daremightythings.com/.