Children of Prisoners Partnership Launches with DMT Support

By February 28, 2017News

October 2013

Partnering with Prison Fellowship International (PFI), Dare Mighty Things efforts have helped establish the successful launch of the Children of Prisoners (CP) Partnership on October 1, 2013. This program introduction positions PFI to reach and serve thousands of children of prisoners in Africa, Asia, and South America in the coming years.

The endeavor required DMT to spearhead rapid cycle research and development of an international child sponsorship program focused on serving the needs of children of prisoners in these regions. As a result, the Children of Prisoners (CP) Partnership, through selected PF affiliates, has the potential to serve 24,000 children of prisoners in five years. DMT’s efforts included strategic planning with the first three CP Partnership pilot sites, PF Cambodia, PF Costa Rica, and PF Nepal. Planning efforts included offsite technical assistance, international site visits, program model design, and customization to address the needs of the local children of prisoners’ population.

To support the CP Partnership’s implementation, DMT also created operational materials (including two Operations Handbooks, 39 supporting tools and resources, and 11 online tutorials). In addition, DMT designed a blended learning curriculum for PF affiliates participating in the CP Partnership which includes a classroom-based training grounded in scenarios and case studies to be implemented in the field. All operational and training materials are available online to PFI and PF affiliate staff around the world. Finally, DMT conducted a train-the-trainer workshop with PFI Program Managers engaging them in how to use and leverage the training curriculum to effectively prepare affiliates for the CP Partnership.

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