Dare Mighty Things Team Awarded Federal Grant

By December 28, 2017News

February 2011 – Dare Mighty Things (DMT), Public Private Ventures (P/PV), and ICF International (ICF) have been issued a grant by the Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration to support training opportunities for high school dropouts and young adult offenders (age 18 to 24), nationwide. DMT, in collaboration with these partners, will join efforts with federal and state correctional agencies, local workforce investment boards, and community-based service providers to offer a proven array of academic, employment, and other re-entry-focused strategies designed to transform the lives of program participants.

The P/PV-DMT-ICF team will build a system of comprehensive services for at-risk and high-risk young adults to ensure long-term success. The program will support sub-awardees as they focus on diverting young adults from criminal activity and helping those young adults acquire the academic and pre-employment skills needed for employment success. Of particular focus will be helping sub-awardees understand and integrate within the growing world of the “green” economy.

Project activities include designing, building, and maintaining a virtual community of practice to support practitioners, as well as providing training and technical assistance. Identifying and promoting best practices will support sub-awardees in their direct work with program participants and help improve long-term outcomes to reduce poverty and crime, improve employment opportunities, and assure successful integration to local communities and economies.

This project continues DMT’s twenty-year history of supporting our nation’s vulnerable populations through program design, launch, and support.