Dare Mighty Things to Strengthen National Ministry Programs

By February 28, 2017News

March 2013

Dare Mighty Things has been engaged to provide research and program design services for Prison Fellowship International (PFI). The faith-based organization, established in association with Prison Fellowship, (founded in 1976 by former White House Chief Counsel, Charles W. Colson), is dedicated to improving the lives of prisoners and their families. PFI recently solicited DMT to provide services to develop programs to be piloted and expanded throughout PFI locations around the world. Initial DMT efforts will focus on benchmarking existing Prison Fellowship (PF) Affiliate programs to identify best practices in three key program areas. Following international site visits, DMT will help design three programs, which will serve as models for the expansion of PFI activities and programs at sites around the world. The Team will also prepare a development plan for scaling the newly established programs and their activities.

DMT’s twenty-year history includes extensive experience with prison-based and criminal justice programs as well as working with the faith-based community. To learn more about DMT’s engagements, including benchmarking & program design for a range of social programs serving vulnerable populations, see our services page here.