DMT consultant honored as a Champion for Children

By December 26, 2017News

April 2010 – Julie Golkowski, Principal Consultant at Dare Mighty Things, was honored as a Champion for Children by the [Child Advocacy Center] (CAC) of Rockingham County in New Hampshire. She was selected as one of twelve honorees to receive this prestigious award, among other community leaders, educators, and police officers whom the recognition letter states are “outstanding community advocates who are doing exceptional work in protecting and enhancing the lives of abused children and families.”

Julie leads Dare Mighty Things’ National Guard Family Program project, which is aimed at helping military families by ensuring training programs and support materials are continually developed in an effective and efficient manner to match the needs of National Guard families. Julie’s expertise, years of experience, and compassion in this area are greatly enhancing the success of this work. She said, “The youth that I’ve had the opportunity to work with through the Child Advocacy Center are among the most courageous and resilient children and adolescents I have met. It has been humbling for me to witness their traumatic experiences and to watch them thrive through a supportive process provided by the CAC.”

The award ceremony took place on April 12, 2010 in Exeter, NH, where New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney was in attendance to help honor these special recipients.

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Below is a photo of Julie Golkowski (front center) along with eleven other honorees. WMUR reporter Tiffany Eddy and New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney who presented the awards are also pictured.

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