DMT honored by the National Guard Association for its support of military families

By December 26, 2017News

March 2010 – Dare Mighty Things was honored in March by the National Guard Association of New Hampshire (NGANH) for its support of military families. Representatives from the NGANH were on hand in Portsmouth, NH to present Dave Van Patten, president of DMT, with a plaque commemorating his involvement with their initiative to “Bring a Soldier Home for the Holidays.”

Bring a Soldier Home for the Holidays was an effort led by the NGANH in December 2009, which raised money, through corporate partners and other donors, to allow service members to travel home from pre-deployment training in Indiana for the Christmas holiday. Members of the NH Army National Guard’s Mountain Company who could not afford to travel home on their own were able to spend the holiday with their families before departing for operations in Afghanistan.

“Dave was the first person to step up and donate to this cause, and we could not have done it without the support of Dave Van Patten and DMT,” said Tony Picano, head of the NGANH Corporate Partnership program during the moving presentation. Col. Steve Greco (Ret.), president of the NGANH, said, “To be able to work with an organization that does so much for military families means so much. Dave really understands what these service members do for us, and we can’t emphasize enough how much we appreciate what everyone at DMT does every day to ensure that we can make efforts like this work when it really counts.”

Below is a photo of Dave Van Patten (center) being presented with the plaque by Todd Swass (left) and Steve Greco (right), both of the NGANH. The plaque displays a picture of the entire Mountain Company, who were very appreciative of the opportunity to go home for the holidays.

For more details on DMT’s work with military families, please visit the Client Engagementspage of