DMT to Expand the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

By December 26, 2017News

September 2010 – Dare Mighty Things, Inc. (DMT) is happy to announce an expansion of support to the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP). As directed by the National Guard Yellow Ribbon program office, DMT will expand existing best practices analysis to 15 additional states and the territory of Puerto Rico. National Guard organizations in these locations have been identified as having elements of a successful “comprehensive service support” model. To enable others to achieve this same level of support, DMT will document these promising practices and accomplishments and identify elements that can be replicated nationwide.

The goal of the YRRP is to prepare Service members and families for deployment, sustain families during deployment, and reintegrate Service members with their families, communities, and employers upon release from active duty. The earlier National Guard initiative engaged DMT, through Military Personnel Services Corporation (MPSC), to conduct benchmarking research and analysis in 13 states and use observations and findings to identify the best and most promising practices; distill information in toolkits for broader applications; and distribute solutions for greater consistency and effectiveness in the future.

A highlight of the YRRP has been collaboration and coordination with other organizations. Under the leadership of the National Guard Bureau, many states have planned, designed, and developed comprehensive programs in collaboration with agencies and organizations across the Service components, as well as within state and local communities.

The National Guard initiative to benchmark the best models for comprehensive service support will enhance the success of the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program through the distribution of additional toolkits for implementation of those practices and development of staff and volunteers. The collective results will enable a full network of service providers, from the NGB program offices to State Joint Force Headquarters and program managers in the field, to better prepare Service Members and their Families for deployment, sustain them during deployment, and reintegrate our nation’s warriors with their families, communities, and employers upon release from active duty.

At DMT we are proud to play a role in improving the support services provided for the men and women serving our country. For more information about DMT’s work with the National Guard please visit the client engagements page of our website at