DMT trains nonprofit leaders in breakthrough management tools

By December 26, 2017News

February 2010 – On January 22, DMT’s Venessa Mendenhall trained national nonprofit leaders in the use of breakthrough technologies at a Friends for Youth conference in San Francisco. Addressing mentoring professionals from across the country, Venessa demonstrated breakthrough tools they can use to help their organizations be more effective. Nonprofit leaders in attendance learned new, compelling ways to recruit and engage volunteers, raise funds, and manage their membership through web-based communities and social networking.

This gathering of mentoring professionals, called Youth Mentoring 2.0: The Impact of Technology on Programs and Relationships, attracted nearly 200 people from the United States and around the world who share the mission to improve the lives of youth through mentoring. The theme was to highlight and demonstrate the next generation of techniques nonprofits can use for program management using progressive online technology as the means. Sarah Kremer, program director with Friends for Youth, Inc. was thrilled with participant reactions to the workshops. “Great presenter with new information,” “Very engaging,” and “Extremely knowledgeable” were among the comments, highlighting DMT’s growing expertise in the mentoring arena.

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