Jacqueline Bessette Advances to Chief Operating Officer

By March 9, 2017News

I am excited to share the good news that Jacqueline Bessette has advanced to the position of Chief Operating Officer for Dare Mighty Things (DMT). As our team, partners, and clients know very well, Jacqueline has moved from a bright, energetic analyst eight years ago to a creative and service-oriented leader as our Director of Creative Learning Solutions. We are fortunate that she now brings her passion and commitment to her new position where she is responsible for our wide array of services and products with a focus on lasting results. She will continue the legacy of integrity, evidence-based practices, and innovative solutions that have contributed to our partners’ success for more than 25 years. Along with our owner, Jimmy Shafe, I am privileged to continue to serve the DMT team and our clients as a senior advisor, consultant, and trainer. Like our founder, Dave Van Patten, and the many alumni who have served over the years, I will always consider it an honor to be part of the DMT family.

Jim Seevers