Dare Mighty Things Works Closely With Clients to Achieve Specific Goals

This page documents many of the ways in which Dare Mighty Things engages with clients, playing a pivotal role in the development and implementation of specific programs and initiatives. Some of the examples described here include links to detailed case studies and client websites. Please browse the following descriptions to learn more about how our work impacts the organizations we serve.

Abandoned Infants Assistance (AIA) Resource Center
The National AIA Resource Center works to enhance the quality of social and health services delivered to children who are abandoned or at-risk of abandonment due to the presence of drugs and/or HIV in the family. The Resource Center provides training, information, support, and resources to service providers who assist these children and their families. DMT was contracted to conduct a 90 minute webinar entitled “Engaging and Managing Agency Partnerships” for the National Abandoned Infants Assistance (AIA) Resource Center headquartered at UC Berkeley.

Access to Recovery
Strengthening the Services Capacities of Community and Faith-Based Provider Organizations is a program created under the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Working with community organizations, many of which are eligible to receive Access to Recovery (ATR) vouchers, the program’s mission is to provide support services to recovering substance abusers. SAMHSA elected Dare Mighty Things to help the program’s service providers extend their organizational capacities to recovering addicts. Dare Mighty Things provided training in infrastructure development, sustainability, entrepreneurship, data reporting, fiscal accounting, marketing, volunteerism, and grantsmanship.

Accountability Based Transition to Employment (ABTE)
The ABTE Project was part of a wide range of comprehensive youth development services provided by the Department of Labor so that all youth, particularly those most disadvantaged, have the academic, technical, and work-readiness skills needed to successfully transition to adulthood, careers and post-secondary education and training. DMT’s role was to provide needs assessment, training, and technical assistance to boost performance in the mentoring component of the program at six DOL-selected sites. DMT designed and delivered training at each site, covering a range of topics from recruiting, screening, and training mentors to factors in making successful matches and supporting sustainable relationships, with a specific focus on service-based mentoring activities. During the on-site training, participants quickly embraced the benefits of mentoring, and DMT provided follow-up assistance as each site developed specific action plans to make mentoring a successful program component.

Amachi Mentoring Coalition
In partnership with Public/Private Ventures of Philadelphia, DMT is working with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) to develop or enhance statewide coalitions focused on improving services for youth and families impacted by incarceration. The funding for this project, authorized through the Recovery Act, will create approximately 300 jobs, and support over 17,000 mentoring relationships. The P/PV / Dare Mighty Things team aims to build statewide mentoring coalitions to ensure the long-term sustainability of high-quality mentoring services across the country.

Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) is a national nonprofit organization that tackles critical challenges facing low-income communities by seeking out and designing innovative programs, rigorously testing them, and promoting solutions proven to work. Amachi is a unique partnership of secular and faith-based organizations working together to provide mentoring to children of incarcerated parents. Public/Private Ventures research shows that one-to-one mentoring can improve a child’s academic performance, behavior, family and peer relationships, and self-concept.

Amachi Expansion for Military and Civilian Families (AEMCF)
The team of Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) and DMT has been awarded a $3 million Multi-State Mentoring Initiative Grant by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). Over the three years, the P/PV – DMT team will be working with the Amachi Mentoring Coalition, a national partnership of secular and faith-based organizations working together to provide mentoring, to expand their reach to include youth with a parent in the military.

Through this project, Amachi will enhance and expand mentoring services to underserved populations, specifically targeting children from military families and those impacted by incarceration. The long-term goals of this project are to improve behavioral and academic outcomes for underserved and at-risk youth by enhancing mentoring services for 8,500 youth currently served by the five targeted Amachi sites and making an additional 1,500 new matches. In addition, the project’s goal is to help fill a current knowledge gap in the mentoring community by documenting effective practices for serving children from military families.

Angel Tree
Angel Tree, a national ministry program for the children of prisoners, mobilizes more than 7,500 churches to serve nearly 380,000 children each year. Dare Mighty Things worked with Prison Fellowship’s Children, Youth and Families Division to redesign and develop an enhanced Angel Tree program with breakaway scale and effectiveness. The redesign and streamlining of this flagship program saw a twenty-two percent growth rate in the first year of reorganization.

More than 1,600 young people, whose parents are incarcerated, are now involved in strong mentoring relationships designed to overcome the odds that indicate that these children may be six times more likely than other youths to end up in prison themselves. The growing reach of Angel Tree is making a difference.

Dare Mighty Things was hired by the Eckerd Foundation to research and document the best practices within APAC that drive its success. This research was published and promoted by Prison Fellowship International, resulting in the expansion of the program in eleven countries. APAC is a highly successful, low cost, faith-based correctional program created in Brazil and replicated in South America, Europe, and Asia. APAC is a Portuguese acronym that stands for the Association for Protection and Assistance of the Condemned. The program has served thousands of prisoners and their families. While recidivism rates among other prisoners are marked at eighty percent, this faith-based alternative has yielded rates as low as four percent.

Army OneSource
Army OneSource provides geographically dispersed Service Members and their Families three ways to access services. In addition to the traditional establishments on installations, Army OneSource provides access to services through a web-based portal and through services delivered by community partners and other government agencies.

Dare Mighty Things (DMT) is currently working as part of a team to enhance and expand the competencies, capabilities, and capacity of Community Support Coordinators for Army OneSource. These coordinators build and sustain community partnerships as part of Army OneSource service to soldiers and their families. DMT will provide Army OneSource with training via workshops, webinars, e-learning, and toolkits, as well as web-based learning communities of practice.

This engagement is the latest in a long standing effort by DMT to provide support to programs that impact service members and their families.

Caruth Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Initiative
With generous funding from the Caruth Foundation, Dare Mighty Things is working with Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star (BBBSLS) to design and pilot an innovative, holistic approach to improving life outcomes for children and youth at-risk of early academic failure, truancy, or adjudication. As an independent third party evaluator, Dare Mighty Things is providing performance management services to BBBSLS, tracking progress-to-plan, managing risk, and assessing youth outcomes. With support from this initiative, DMT has conducted original market research on high-performing mentors to help BBBSLS further target recruitment efforts and hone retention strategies. DMT has also worked with BBBSLS to conduct a 360 degree review of their case management staff, resulting in actionable recommendations for staff support, training, hiring, and supervision.

CNCS Performance Measurement Pilot Assessment
The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), Office of Strategy and Special Initiatives, has contracted DMT to perform an assessment of the performance measurement pilot program. DMT will design and implement an assessment of CNCS’s performance measurement pilot. As part of the pilot, some AmeriCorps grantees opted-into standard performance measures. DMT will analyze data reported by grantees, survey and interview grantees, and interview program staff. The purpose of the assessment is to understand how AmeriCorps State and National (ACSN) grantees and state commissions are adopting and implementing performance measures.

This assessment will help CNCS understand how to use national performance measures to refine and better collect meaningful data on programs, and to roll out additional pilots of national performance measures for grantees and project sponsors beyond ACSN. An important priority in implementing the CNCS Strategic Plan is to strengthen CNCS’ ability to report on performance results and be more rigorous in measuring the success of national service in meeting community needs, as reflected in the performance measures. CNCS will use the results of the assessment to inform the ongoing adoption of national grantee measures for ACSN and pilot efforts within other CNCS programs.

Communities Empowering Youth (CEY)
The Communities Empowering Youth Program (CEY), launched under the Compassion Capital Fund (CCF), funds local collaboratives of faith-based and community organizations to address and eliminate gang involvement, youth violence, child abuse, and neglect. Dare Mighty Things (DMT) supports CEY by equipping its grantees with the resources that they need to effectively run and sustain their collaboratives. As part of the CCF array of grant programs, CEY grantees have access to a state-of-the-art virtual community of practice and clearinghouse, training through national conferences and online webinars, and customized one-to-one technical assistance.

Compassion Capital Fund (CCF)
The Compassion Capital Fund (CCF) seeks to increase the scale and effectiveness of faith-based and community organizations. Since 2002, Dare Mighty Things (DMT) has run the CCF National Resource Center (NRC), providing training and technical assistance to CCF grantees and program oversight support to the CCF Program Office. DMT developed and maintains a web-based program management system that enables staff to capture and report individual grantee outcomes and program-wide results. The system is linked to a web portal where grantees provide data through web-based forms and have access to hundreds of capacity building and grant management resources. DMT won the 2008 Contractor of the Year award from the Administration for Children and Families for developing these innovative systems.

In serving this program, DMT has conducted more than 100 site visits, 6,000 remote technical assistance consultations, 15 national training conferences, and 118 webinars. As a result, 96 percent of organizations gained new knowledge from consultations and 91 percent implemented new practices after a webinar. With DMT’s support, the capacity building assistance provided through the Compassion Capital Fund has helped organizations serve on average 60 percent more people and achieve significantly higher levels of growth in multiple capacity domains.

The Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families awarded DMT the Outstanding Contractor of the Year Award in October of 2008 for its role in the development of the Compassion Capital Fund. See the full story here:
Outstanding Contractor of the Year Award

DeVos Urban Leadership Institute
DeVos Urban Leadership Institute, a national leadership-training program, provides intensive breakthrough training for the emerging leaders of urban youth programs in twenty-one states and the District of Columbia. The DeVos family hired Dare Mighty Things to create a national prototype for a ministry that would reflect the family’s core values and interests. After careful evaluation, Dare Mighty Things steered the DeVos family toward the development of a leadership training initiative for urban youth ministry leaders. Dare Mighty Things developed the framework for the DeVos Urban Leadership Foundation, which has equipped urban youth leaders with the tools to increase the size, scope, and effectiveness of their outreach.
http://www.devosurbanleadership.org/ Case Study

Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve
Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) is a Department of Defense organization. Established in 1972, ESGR’s mission is to coordinate cooperation and understanding between Reserve component members and their civilian employers and to create resolution for conflicts arising between the civilian employers and the Reservists’ military commitment. All operations are handled by volunteers throughout the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Europe.

Recently, Reservists have become fundamental in adding manpower to military pursuits abroad. Dare Mighty Things works with ESGR in order to provide training and technical assistance to volunteers in order to gain and maintain active support from all public and private employers for the men and women of the National Guard and Reserve.

Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR) awarded DMT their Five-Star Statement of Support in 2009 for outstanding support of ESGR. See the award here: ESGR Five-Star Statement of Support

Global Assistance Program
Global Assistance Program (GAP), an initiative of Prison Fellowship International (PFI), mobilizes and sends teams of volunteer doctors and nurses to Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America to provide economic aid and medical assistance to prisoners, ex-prisoners, and their families. PFI began the Global Assistance Program in 1994. Dare Mighty Things was tasked with the evaluation and redesign of the GAP program initiatives, the review and research of strategic partnerships, training of regional GAP program directors, and technical assistance for pilot sites. Since 1994, hundreds of medical volunteers have treated over 75,000 prisoners in 35 countries. While doing so, the GAP initiative has provided donated services and medicines estimated at $10 million. In 2010, medical outreach expanded into Cameroon, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Jamaica.

GEO Trust
GEO Trust, an international economic development venture, employs thousands of ex-prisoners and their families in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Dare Mighty Things worked with Prison Fellowship to design and develop the Humaita Bread Factory in Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil, the first initiative of the GEO Trust. This initiative, located within the pioneering faith-based Humaita Prison, involved the identification of corporate sponsors, mobilization of volunteers for onsite business planning and building modification, and enterprise start-up and monitoring. The Humaita Prison was cited as having an extremely low recidivism rate among former prisoners in an exploratory study of the impact of religious programs on recidivism.

Heroic Choices
Heroic Choices, a program designed by the Todd M. Beamer Foundation in the wake of September 11, 2001, helps children experiencing family trauma to overcome their circumstances by making heroic choices every day. Dare Mighty Things provided program research, design, and development expertise to this asset-based program that features long-term mentoring relationships and curriculum-based training. Dare Mighty Things forged strategic partnerships on behalf of the Beamer Foundation and led the development and testing of the initial prototype in the New York City area. Hundreds of traumatized children have been engaged in the program.

HopeShare was established by the Salvation Army to break the cycle of despair among high risk children by providing them with a safe place to meet their spiritual and emotional needs. Dare Mighty Things worked with HopeShare to design a program portfolio consistent with existing best practices, market demand, and opportunities for growth. DMT helped create marketing, program development, operations, and financial plans that will ensure successful market entry and national rollout; and will help to build a strong case for financial investment in the HopeShare ministry venture among potential donors.

InnerChange Freedom Initiative
InnerChange, a program of Prison Fellowship Ministries, is a nationally acclaimed, faith-based, volunteer-driven prison model. Based on a restorative prison model established in Brazil in 1973 (see APAC). Dare Mighty Things, Inc. was commissioned to conduct market research and program design by leading a team of correctional, legal and criminal justice experts to Sao Paulo, Brazil to observe APAC, a restorative prison model developed by two local lawyers driven by a desire to see true rehabilitation among the incarcerated population. By assessing this genuinely rehabilitative prison environment, Dare Mighty Things was able to translate APAC’s success in Brazil into a program model suitable for replication in the United States. After extensive site visits to several states including North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, California, and Texas, the program model was approved and a Houston-based prison was identified as the prototype site. Dare Mighty Things was then engaged in further proposal development, negotiation, and program establishment that helped to launch the InnerChange program and establish the foundation that has allowed for its success to date.
http://www.ifiprison.org Case Study

Intermediary Summit
In 2008, The White House Office of Faith-based and Community Initiatives and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services hired Dare Mighty Things to conduct an Intermediary Summit to identify emerging innovative practices of our nation’s exemplary intermediary organizations. DMT identified the organizations and their practices, planned and facilitated the summit, and drafted the well-received guidebook, Breakthrough Performance: Ten Emerging Practices of Leading Intermediaries.

The purpose of the summit and resulting guidebook was to help established and developing intermediaries to explore and implement practices that are relevant to their mission and community needs, and to help funders enhance existing intermediary partnerships, or create new ones. Eleven leading intermediaries gathered in the nation’s capital for the Intermediary Summit to share practices that have led to breakthroughs in performance. The guidebook and practices have been promoted at several nonprofit capacity building training events and conferences, and on several related Web sites. Intermediaries exposed to these practices have reported being better equipped to support grassroots faith-based and community organizations that play a vital role in helping our most vulnerable neighbors.

MatchPoint is based on a national, award-winning program developed in New York by Dave Van Patten and successfully replicated in multiple locations. Dare Mighty Things designed, prototyped, and implemented this mentoring program for juvenile offenders. Dare Mighty Things researched and designed the national program model, developed all mentoring program collateral including operations and training materials, and provided in-depth national and local training and technical assistance to program leaders.

Mentoring Children of Prisoners
In 2003, the President announced a national initiative to mentor 100,000 children of prisoners by the end of 2008. The Department of Health and Human Services was charged with developing and implementing the Mentoring Children of Prisoners program to achieve this goal. However, during the first 15 months the initiative was falling far short of the goal. Working closely with HHS leaders, DMT implemented an integrated training and technical assistance strategy with intensive onsite technical assistance, regional and national training events, and online learning opportunities. Within months, the trajectory of the initiative had changed. By September of 2008, the program had achieved its goal and over 100,000 children of prisoners had been mentored.
Case Study

National Guard Family Program Training
In partnership with Goldbelt Wolf of Alexandria, VA, DMT developed a systems approach in the training program of the National Guard Family Program Division to obtain an overall view of training processes. Analysts and program designers developed a system that will ensure training programs and the required support materials are continually developed in an effective and efficient manner to match the variety of needs of the Family Program and National Guard families.
National Guard Family Program

National Guard Performance Management Dashboard Analysis and Design Plan
The National Guard Bureau Directorate for Manpower and Personnel (J1) is committed to supporting Service Members and their Families. J1 directed a dashboard initiative as a proactive means of enhancing performance measurement and management of critical support programs. Dare Mighty Things (DMT) identified performance metrics and designed a dashboard for continuous tracking and reporting of progress, outputs, and outcomes at the tactical and operational levels. DMT’s dashboard design will enhance J1’s strategic decision-making abilities as well as program advocacy. The dashboard analysis and design will help the following programs provide improved support to Service Members and their Families: Psychological Health, Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve, Family, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response, Warrior Support, and Yellow Ribbon Reintegration.

National Guard Yellow Ribbon Benchmarking
The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) prepares Service members and families for mobilization, sustains families during mobilization, and reintegrates members with their families, communities, and employers upon redeployment or release from active duty. Dare Mighty Things is supporting the National Guard Yellow Ribbon Program with the development of standardized “toolkits” based on benchmarking of field-tested best practices that have proven successful throughout the nation. This benchmarking effort, associated toolkits, and training materials provide a foundational step in enhancing the Center of Excellence for the YRRP.

National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program
The National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program is a national initiative designed to reclaim the lives of America’s at risk-youth through the instilling of values, skills training, education, and self-discipline. DMT was initially engaged to design the program’s mentoring model and mentor/mentee training. The relationship has grown, with DMT now providing national level training and technical assistance to the program. The relationship between ChalleNGe and DMT has resulted in the training of more than 15,000 employees and has helped contribute to over 100,000 successful ChalleNGe graduates.
www.ngycp.org Case Study

Former Chief of the Office of Athletics and Youth Development at the National Guard Bureau, Colonel James R. Tinkham (Ret.), offered this letter of commendation in 2008 to DMT for their work with the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program during his tenure. Read the full letter here: Special Letter of Commendation by Colonel James R. Tinkham

National Mentor Training Research
National Mentor Training research, conducted on behalf of MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership, has resulted in the development of nationally utilized mentor/mentee training curriculum. Dare Mighty Things conducted extensive research into this field to develop a widely-used standard for deploying various mentor/mentee training elements.

OJJDP Training and Technical Assistance for Youth Mentoring Programs
In partnership with Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) of Newton, MA, Dare Mighty Things has been awarded a grant to provide training and technical assistance to mentoring programs supported by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), U.S. Department of Justice. EDC and DMT are helping OJJDP expand its national leadership role in the youth mentoring arena by advancing the capacity of organizations to develop, implement, expand, evaluate, and sustain youth mentoring efforts that incorporate research-based findings of best practices and principles. DMT provides one to one technical assistance, remote training via webinar and discussion phone calls.  DMT also led the development of an 8-part supplemental training series for mentors and mentor trainers. In addition, the training and technical assistance under this initiative will provide support to mentoring programs and initiatives funded by OJJDP, including the Recovery Act National Mentoring Program and the Recovery Act Local Youth Mentoring Initiative.

Passage, an initiative of Promise Keepers, is a national movement of young men who complete a rites-of-passage, mentor-assisted curriculum designed to cast vision, ignite passion, and build capacity to become godly men. Dare Mighty Things designed, developed, and launched this nationally recognized program. In 2002 and 2003, Passage events held in Ohio and California reached a combined 24,000 young men, fathers, mentors, and leaders.

Prime Time
Prime Time is a national faith-based, after-school program designed to provide children a safe place during the critical after school hours from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., where they are engaged in a group mentoring curriculum delivered by caring adult volunteers. Dare Mighty Things assisted Scripture Union in the research and design of this initiative. There are now eighty-nine active Prime Time programs reaching 1,732 children on a regular basis. Scripture Union has partnered with The Salvation Army and World Vision in order to implement Prime Time on an even greater scale.

DoD STARBASE is a premier educational program designed to encourage elementary students to pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Targeting fifth graders from populations that are socio-economically disadvantaged and traditionally underrepresented in the technology fields, STARBASE offers stimulating “hands-on, minds-on” STEM opportunities to students with little prior exposure. DMT designed, developed, and launched a pilot team-based mentoring component called STARBASE 2.0 for STARBASE Academies located across the country. Hundreds of middle school students have been engaged in the pilot run of STARBASE 2.0.

In 2012, DMT continues to support STARBASE with a contract to create a strategy for nation-wide program expansion including the research and development of best practices and a roadmap to grow the STARBASE 2.0 mentoring component.

Strengthening Communities Fund
The Strengthening Communities Fund builds the capacity of faith-based and community organizations to address the broad economic recovery issues present in their communities. Dare Mighty Things serves as the National Resource Center (NRC) for SCF, providing in-person and web-based training and technical assistance services and products to SCF grantees. DMT also provides consulting and technical services to the SCF program office as they implement the program. Since the program’s start in 2009, DMT has built a web-based program management system, enabling staff to monitor progress to plan and capture outcomes for individual grantees and report results across the program. In addition, DMT has provided four in-person trainings and 19 webinars totaling over fifty hours of live instruction, as well as 14 toolkits containing 14 guidebooks, dozens of tools and templates, and 37 e-learning modules.

Sycamore Tree Project
Sycamore Tree Project is an eight to twelve week program that connects offenders with crime victims (unrelated to the offenders’ crimes) to talk about the harm and impact of criminal offenses. In 2003, STP held operations in six countries across the globe. Dare Mighty Things researched and designed the Sycamore Tree Project and wrote the prototype curriculum.

Los Angeles Team Mentoring, (LATM), a group mentoring program for middle-school students was initially designed by DMT in the aftermath of the civil unrest after the Rodney King verdict to provide positive alternatives for youth to gang violence, drug abuse and negative role models. Dare Mighty Things’ pioneering design of the LATM model features two integral components: an activity-based curriculum and a team of mentors that use this curriculum to develop leadership, teambuilding and conflict resolution skills which produce powerful youth outcomes. Today, Teamworks operates in thirteen middle schools throughout the metropolitan area, including at the original pilot site, Horace Mann Middle School.
http://www.latm.org/ Case Study

Victory Generation
Victory Generation, a program of the Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, provides grant funding, technical assistance and support to ten after-school programs serving primarily low or very low income families in Boston’s communities of color. Dare Mighty Things developed the program model for Victory Generation, which provides a nurturing, culturally enriching learning environment for children grades K – 8 from communities geographically dispersed throughout the city of Boston, Massachusetts. In addition to homework assistance, participants receive instruction in literacy and mathematics skills based on the standard guidelines set by the state of Massachusetts. Evaluation results show that in 2007, 100% of program participants were promoted to the next grade level with 75% of participants showing measurable grade improvement in mathematics and English.

WorldChair Limited
WorldChair Limited, an international manufacturing company in Kenya, Africa, produces affordable wheelchairs for disabled children worldwide. DMT researched and developed the WorldChair prototype, researched and wrote the business plan, secured international NGOs as customers, and helped our client secure first round funding to launch the venture.

YouthBuild USA is a program designed to reclaim the lives of at-risk youth and rebuild their communities. DMT conducted program analysis, designed a mentoring component for their program and conducted training and technical assistance for the 16 pilot programs. The mentoring model was an innovation in youth-initiated mentoring. The pilot sites are currently engaged in their first iteration of the mentoring model and are looking forward to great success.
www.youthbuild.org Case Study

“The fact that the National Guard Youth ChalleNGe Program has become an unmatched success is the direct result of the high-quality training and technical assistance that DMT has provided to ChalleNGe over the past ten years.”
Joe Padilla
Deputy Chief, Office of Athletics and Youth Development, NGB