webinars-icoWebinars are an engaging way to provide learners with the timely, flexible support and assistance they need. Webinars save time and travel costs. Viewers can access a webinar from anywhere and, despite the distance, can interact with a facilitator and with other participants through discussions, engaging case scenarios, and question and answer sessions.
DMT’s webinars are designed to be flexible, dynamic, and tailored to client needs. Our webinars have generated the following reactions:

  • “Delivery was great, informative, and clear. Easy to understand.”
  • “Excellent workshop. The workshops are always well structured and well organized. It seems a lot of planning goes into them, and I find them very helpful. I know many of us appreciate your hard work.”
  • “Thank you for providing the visual documents and not just the idea and language.”
  • “Informative and easy to follow. I appreciate the opportunity to preview the materials in advance.”